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With Kindness is a coaching service crafted by me (click here to see who “me” is). My mission is to empower women and girls everywhere to dive deeper. Deeper into self-acceptance, deeper into more meaningful and fulfilling connections and deeper into understanding ourselves and our worlds. You deserve a life filled with all that you desire + more. You deserve an inner world that is nurturing + inspiring. Are you ready?

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Why Coach with Kindness?

In our daily lives there can be a lot of negativity – in our heads, at school/work, in the news, social media and from people around us. I like to believe that Kindness is a magic power that immediately sparks positivity and connection. As a coach I believe that one of the key ingredients to living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life is inner kindness. It starts with YOU & ripples outward.

  • Youth (and adults alike!) are drawn to Stephanie as she has a keen ability to understand and respond to the needs of others. She is able to effect positive change in others because she is a fearless self-explorer who was able to dig deep within herself first. Stephanie has the power to reignite your excitement for life with the perfect blend of Kindness and vulnerability.

    Hayley W. Uxbridge Youth Centre
  • Stephanie is leading the way in creating a dynamic change involving how we treat each other. Her modality for doing this is the long lost art of kindness. She inspires our youth to see past their challenges and believe in a better future. Stephanie's approach is down to earth yet compelling, likely because she has a compassionate spirit that keeps her focused on her mission to change everything using kindness.

    Sandra Chabot-Weber Holistic Nutritionist
  • I never fully understood what working with a life coach would do for me until I worked with Stephanie. Her positive and gentle approach made me feel comfortable and heard. She truly helped me clear the road blocks in my life and gain clarity on what direction was best for me. She changed my life for the better!

    Andrea Owen doTERRA - Premier Leader

Coaching on inner kindness, balance and the transformation of chaos to calm.